Episode 9: How to Generate More Client Referrals



Direct referrals are typically the highest converting lead generation channel for service based businesses. So why do most Store Builders put “nurturing relationships with potential referral sources” on the back burner?

If you don’t make referral networking a consistent part of your operational cadence, you’re eventually going to fall victim to the dreaded “feast or famine” cycle. Make it a priority, and you’ll see your pipeline fill up with high value, pre-vetted client leads.

In this episode, we focus on how Store Builders can tap into their existing network – and make some new connections – to ensure that they have a consistent stream of new client leads coming in every month in the form of direct referrals.

You’ll get actionable advice related to:

  • Why you should be interested in referrals in the first place
  • Where you can go to find that perfect referral source
  • How you can make it easier for people to send you referrals
  • How you can do all of this without feeling awkward or desperate

References and Resources:

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Chris Lema

Chris Lema is our Vice President of Products at Liquid Web. A well-known blogger and public speaker, Chris has led our product teams to develop and launch our Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce product lines.