How to Use Disk Quotas in Dedicated cPanel Servers

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Using Disk Quotas on a cPanel Dedicated Server

cPanel Servers

Before we can take full advantage of disk quotas, we must first initialize them. cPanel makes enabling Disk Quotas on our servers as easy as point and click. cPanel Initialize Quota Setup
  1. Click ‘Initial Quota Setup’.
  2. Click the ‘Proceed’ button.

cPanel Packages Feature

cPanel provides a built-in package feature. These packages are predefined limitations, which we can assign to any customer. Disk quota is one of several limits we can set using this packages feature. Once our packages are created, we can use them in a number of ways. Package selection upon Account Creation, using the ‘Quota Modification’ tool or with the ‘Modify an Account’ tool. All of these methods are outlined below. Creating cPanel Packages Creating a package is a simple process that starts with logging into your WHM interface.
  1. Locate & click ‘Add a Package’
  2. Input a unique Package Name
  3. Click the ‘Disk Quota (MB)’ radio
  4. Set the necessary quota limit
Package Selection at Account Creation
  1. Locate & click on ‘Create a New Account’
  2. Locate ‘Choose a Package’ & click dropdown
  3. Select the necessary package name
Package Selection Using ‘Upgrade/Downgrade an Account’
  1. Click on ‘Upgrade/Downgrade an Account’
  2. Enable radio for the necessary account
  3. Click the ‘Modify’ button
  4. Wait for follow-up page to finish loading
  5. Select the package name from the dropdown list
  6. Click the Upgrade/Downgrade button

cPanel Packageless Quotas

cPanel is not restricted to using the packages feature. We can set quotas on a per-cpanel account basis, without creating any packages. This can be achieved at Account Creation, using the ‘Modify Quota’ tool or using the ‘Modify an Account’ tool. These methods are outlined below. Packageless Quota at Account Creation
  1. Locate & Click ‘Create a New Account’
  2. Enable ‘Select Options Manually’ radio
  3. Click ‘Disk Space Quota (MB)’ radio
  4. Input the necessary quota value
Packageless Quota Using ‘Quota Modification’
  1. Find & Click ‘Quota Modification’
  2. Locate needed account & Enable radio
  3. Click the ‘Modify’ button
  4. Wait for follow-up page to finish loading
  5. Enable radio for custom quota
  6. Input the needed quota value
  7. Click the ‘Save’ button
Packageless Quota Using ‘Modify an Account’
  1. Click ‘Modify an Account’
  2. Locate needed account & Enable radio
  3. Click the ‘Modify’ button
  4. Wait for follow-up page to finish loading
  5. Enable ‘Disk Quota (MB)’ radio
  6. Assign custom quota as needed

How can we help?

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