How To: Upgrade Apache and PHP using cPanel’s Easyapache

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Please note that this article is considered legacy documentation because EasyApache 3 has reached its end-of-life support.

If you run a cPanel server, and need to upgrade your Apache or PHP version, cPanel provides the Easyapache tool to make these updates a breeze. While it can be run from WHM, it is generally preferred to run it from the command line.

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How To: Check PHP Modules With phpinfo

Reading Time: 2 minutesSay your PHP application is unable to load a needed PHP module. The first thing to check is to see if the PHP module is available to the application. The best way to do that is with what is called a “phpinfo” file. Continue reading “How To: Check PHP Modules With phpinfo”

Reading Bandwidth Graphs In Manage

Reading Time: < 1 minuteHave you ever wanted to check up on the details of your server’s bandwidth usage? Liquid Web’s manage interface provides graphs that give you such information. Here’s how to read them. Continue reading “Reading Bandwidth Graphs In Manage”

Digging Into Exim Mail Logs With Exigrep

Reading Time: 3 minutesPerhaps a particular domain on your cPanel server has stopped receiving e-mail. Or, an address on your domain is able to receive e-mail, except from your supplier. Maybe you can receive e-mail just fine, but are receiving error message bounce-backs from Yahoo. How are you going to get the fine-grained information you need to figure out just what is going on? The answers you seek can be found in exim’s logs. Continue reading “Digging Into Exim Mail Logs With Exigrep”

CSF: Config Server Firewall Installation

Reading Time: 5 minutes

What is CSF?

CSF or Config Server Firewall is an alternative firewall to APF. CSF is generally considered a more advanced firewall as there are more configuration options compared to other firewalls, while still being simple enough to install and configure that even novice administrators can use it. This article will give you a simple overview about how to install and configure CSF and its security plugin LFD (Login Failure Daemon) on either your cloud vps server or dedicated server. Continue reading “CSF: Config Server Firewall Installation”

DNS Hosts File

Reading Time: 7 minutesOne of the most powerful tools available to anyone working on their site during a migration is their computer’s “hosts” file. The hosts file is used to map domain names to IP addresses, and can be used as an alternative to DNS. It also allows you to specify the IP address to which a website resolves on your computer, regardless of what may be published in the site’s DNS zone file. Continue reading “DNS Hosts File”

How To Use The ps Command

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe ps command reports a snapshot of a system’s currently running processes. Continue reading “How To Use The ps Command”