How to Set Up A Firewall Using Iptables on Ubuntu 16.04

Reading Time: 5 minutesThis guide will walk you through the steps for setting up a firewall using iptables in an Ubuntu VPS server. We’ll show you some common commands for manipulating the firewall, and teach you how to create your own rules. Continue reading “How to Set Up A Firewall Using Iptables on Ubuntu 16.04”

An Introduction to Firewalld

Reading Time: 5 minutes

In some ways, firewalld on systemd systems is easier to manage and configure than iptables. There are, for the most part, no long series of chains, jumps, accepts and denies that you need to memorize to get firewalld up and running in a basic configuration. The rules are simple and straightforward, but there is no reason you cannot still have all the power that iptables afforded.

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How To Set up Email Filters in cPanel

Reading Time: 2 minutes Continue reading “How To Set up Email Filters in cPanel”

How To Set up Hotlink Protection in cPanel

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  1. This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel, and are starting on the home screen.cpanel-paperlantern-20-hotlink--01
  2. Now let’s learn how to setup hotlink protection.cpanel-paperlantern-20-hotlink--02
  3. Click the “Hotlink Protection” icon.cpanel-paperlantern-20-hotlink--03
  4. Hotlink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to certain files (typically images) on your website. You’ll want to prevent this if you have copyrighted images, or to simply save on bandwidth usage. You’ll first want to make sure your own sites are listed here, so you are able to hotlink to your images.cpanel-paperlantern-20-hotlink--06
  5. Enter all the file types you want to protect …
  6. … and check the “Allow direct requests” box if you want to give the ability to manually enter URLs of a protected file.cpanel-paperlantern-20-hotlink--07
  7. Enter the URL you want to redirect to, for anyone who tries to hotlink to your files or images.cpanel-paperlantern-20-hotlink--08
  8. Then click “Submit”.cpanel-paperlantern-20-hotlink--09
  9. That’s it! You’ve successfully enabled hotlink protection.cpanel-paperlantern-20-hotlink--10
  10. To disable hotlink protection, click the “Disable” button.cpanel-paperlantern-20-hotlink--11