Liquid Web Sales and Tax FAQ

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Adding IP Addresses to Your Server

Reading Time: 2 minutesLiquid Web allows additional IP addresses to be added to your server for a minimal fee. Having multiple IP addresses on your server can be useful when needing to differentiate domains hosted on your server. With multiple IPs you can set up advanced firewall configurations, use different hostnames with reverse DNS and more. In any case, if you need to add more IPs to your server Liquid Web provides a simple process through our Manage interface. Continue reading “Adding IP Addresses to Your Server”

Billing and Payments Overview

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In an effort to help our customers, we have recently made updates to the billing and payment sections of our Manage interface. With these changes, we hope to make reading and paying your Liquid Web bill a more streamlined and straightforward experience.

Continue reading “Billing and Payments Overview”

Proactive Server Maintenance Checklist, Prior to Reboot

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Take a Backup, or Be Sure Backups are Running
We have tutorials on How to Create a Storm Server Backup, and How to Restore a Storm Server Backup.
Check Running Processes
Liquid Web’s Heroic Support team closely monitors the load on your servers with Sonar® proactive monitoring and service restoration. That said, it’s always wise to glance at what processes are running on your server to assure your services are running as expected. Check-out our tutorial on Monitoring Server Processes with Top for Linux.
Verify Services Will Start at Boot
Be sure to verify that all of your necessary services are configured to start when the server boots up. For CentOS users, you can follow this tutorial: chkconfig Command Examples for Red Hat and CentOS.
Save, Save, and Save Some More
Always check whether or not there are any unsaved changes to configuration files, etc. prior to a reboot. Save early and safe often! Continue reading “Proactive Server Maintenance Checklist, Prior to Reboot”

Wire Transfers to Liquid Web

Reading Time: < 1 minuteLiquid Web does accept wire transfers.  If you wish to pay for your account via a wire transfer please contact ether or call our sales department at 1.800.580.4985 or 517.322.0434 (international) extension 4. Continue reading “Wire Transfers to Liquid Web”