Exporting Databases and Tables with phpMyAdmin

Reading Time: < 1 minute

This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to phpMyAdmin. Let’s learn how to export a database.

  1. Click the database you wish to export here.phpma-export-frame03_1
  2. Then click the Export button.phpma-export-frame04_1
  3. In this case, we want to export the entire database in SQL format, so we can easily import it later. This is a good way to backup your database.
  4. Be sure to check any options you want before proceeding.phpma-export-frame06_1
  5. Check the Save as File check box, then click Go.phpma-export-frame11_1
  6. That’s it! The demo1234_members database has been exported to our local computer.
  7. If you only wanted to export a table, and not the entire database select the table you want to export and export just as you would a database.
  8. Remember that exporting tables only exports the selected tables within a database, whereas exporting a database will export all tables as well the data schema(provided they’re all selected).
  9. That’s it! The details table has been exported to its own file.


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