Installing WordPress using WP-CLI

Reading Time: 3 minutes

WordPress has a great GUI-based installation process however some use cases call for CLI! Or, maybe you just feel more at home in a terminal, either way this article will show you how to get your WordPress site setup with just a terminal, using WP-CLI, and maybe a sprinkle of SSH.

In order to be able to install WordPress manually using WP-CLI you will first need to create a new database for the WordPress install. You will need to know how to find your SSH credentials as well as being used to using Terminal or Putty and WP-CLI.

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What is an EPP Code?

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen you have control over a domain name it grants you several extremely powerful options such as renewing it, canceling it, and pointing inbound traffic to a location of your choosing. Because of the long-term impact all of these changes could have, Registrars (such as eNom and GoDaddy) take security very seriously. What does this mean for you? If you want to transfer a domain to a new Registrar, you are going to need the authorization code from the current Registrar and that takes the form of the EPP Code. Continue reading “What is an EPP Code?”

What is Machine Learning?

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt was 2017 when American businessman Mark Cuban said that if you don’t understand artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning “you’ll be a dinosaur within three years.” Time will tell as to whether he is right, but if his theory has substance, some companies are well into the 12-month countdown of becoming extinct.

What is Machine Learning?

In its purest form, machine learning teaches computers to learn in the same way that humans do. It collects and interprets data from the world around us and makes decisions on what to do with that information. Machine learning is one of the first applications of artificial intelligence. Just think about every time you start a search using Google. How can it find all the relevant matches to your terms? Considering there are 30 trillion unique web pages that search engines trawl to retrieve what you need, it is even more impressive. It’s impossible for a human to explore that many pages in a lifetime. This is the essence of machine learning, without intervention computers learn to use data to accomplish human tasks in a fraction of the time.   Machine Learning and Data It is almost impossible to stress just how vital data is to machine learning; in fact, they are just about synonymous with each other. This is probably best summarised within the Data Science Hierarchy of Needs penned by Rogati, 2017. At the top of the hierarchy is the AI or Deep Learning algorithm. This might be the algorithm that recommenders which Netflix show to watch or Amazon Alexa responding to your voice command. However, at the very start of the journey is data collection and the quality of what feeds the algorithm. As an example, marketing teams use machine learning applications to hyper-personalize communications. This is why we tend to get emails or notifications that are highly relevant and tailored to our needs. The machine has studied our data and knows exactly what we need and when we want it. Had the initial data been incorrect or “dirty” in any way, customers would receive communications that are not relevant. What if somebody had accidentally entered a customer location as the U.K. on an order form instead of the U.S. and all pricing is calculated pounds instead of dollars? The customer would soon unsubscribe to an email list because it doesn’t pertain to them. A company can have the best algorithms in the industry, but without quality data, they are effectively useless and possibly detrimental. To counter these problems, companies deploying machine learning technology will usually start by designing a data quality or governance strategy which negates the risk. Adopting AI is a journey and must begin with getting the simple things right.   Machine Learning Framework Hiring a team to design and deploy machine learning applications can be costly. While Data Scientists are usually specialists in statistical methods and incredibly adept with coding languages like Python and R; they often find it hard to present findings to Data Analysts or Insight Managers. However, the algorithms also need to be deployed onto platforms requiring a Data Engineer or Developer. There also needs to be duplicate roles to avoid single points of failure, and of course, everybody needs powerful processors that can analyze vast amounts of data. Suddenly, one Data Scientist has become a team of 8 people with expensive hardware and costs have escalated! The role of machine learning has been growing exponentially in the last few years, and it looks set to continue with recent developments in cloud, edge and quantum computing which will only increase the potential processing power. Companies who fail to realize the capability of AI will fall behind the competition. Our Cloud Sites service is a fine example of how machine learning works in a hosting environment. This PaaS allows your websites to scale as your site grows, without having to worry about scheduling downtime to resize and upgrade your server! Our one-click install of popular CMS’s makes working on your sites that much easier.

Liquid Web Reseller Criteria

Reading Time: 2 minutesOur Resellers are required to:
  • Maintain the Billing and Support Relationship with their Customer
  • Comply with Liquid Web ToS
A Reseller is required to provide customer service and technical support to each of the end customers procured by the Reseller (including Sub-Resellers). The Reseller may escalate to technical support only if the Reseller is unable to resolve the matter through Reseller’s own technical support, Liquid Web’s Manage Portal, the Control Panel(s) or other online capabilities provided by Liquid Web to Reseller (help desk, etc.). Technical support provided by the Reseller includes the handling of common tasks around creation, removal and modification options in the control panel(s); including but not limited to:
  • Account Management
  • FTP Users Management
  • Email Support
  • SSL Support
  • DNS Support
  • Databases, and Database Users Support
  • Basic firewall management including removing IP blocks and individual client-side FTP or mail client issues
Liquid Web is happy to provide our Resellers a walkthrough of more advanced capabilities of our Manage Portal and/or Control Panel(s) as needed. Liquid Web does not provide support for website development or maintenance. For our Resellers using cPanel, we also provide WHMCS at no additional cost to provide you with tools that assist in account creation/management, billing, and even support for your clients. This will include a free unbranded WHMCS license as well as access to our Liquid Web Plugin for easy reselling of our VPS Cloud Products. Our team will be happy to help with the base installation of WHMCS as well as the plugin and upon request can provide a one-on-one session to go through initial setup questions to enable you to provide your clients with the best experience possible. Liquid Web is under no obligation to provide support to the Reseller end customer (customer procured by Reseller). If Liquid Web receives communications from Customers or from third parties regarding any Services procured through the Reseller, Liquid Web may forward such communications to Reseller without taking any other action. However, Liquid Web reserves the right to respond to such communications directly and to take any action Liquid Web deems necessary. If Liquid Web determines that Reseller is providing inadequate support to Customers or Sub-Resellers (including, but not limited to, situations resulting in excessive numbers of support calls directly from Customers or Sub-Resellers to Liquid Web), then Liquid Web may, at its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement for cause or charge Reseller for said services at market rates. A Customer will remain at all times the customer of Reseller unless the Customer subscribes for or otherwise approaches Liquid Web, or anyone of Liquid Web’s other resellers, for services without any solicitation from Liquid Web. Upon such subscription for services, the Customer will become a customer of Liquid Web or one of Liquid Web’s other resellers, as applicable. Under no circumstances will Liquid Web be obligated to intervene in any dispute of any nature between Reseller and a Customer.

Using SSH Client Natively in Windows 10

Reading Time: 3 minutesHave you ever wanted to use SSH to control your Linux server from Windows? You’ve most likely downloaded and launched third-party applications like PuTTY or KiTTY to get this functionality on your Windows computer. Thankfully, with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you can now use a built-in SSH client directly within your Windows OS. Continue reading “Using SSH Client Natively in Windows 10”

What is the Liquid Web iThemes Bundle

Reading Time: < 1 minuteIn a recent press release from our Blog we announced that Liquid Web has acquired iThemes – a leader in WordPress plugin development. Needless to say, this is an exiting time. Another important step in our commitment to make WordPress hosting easier than ever. Continue reading “What is the Liquid Web iThemes Bundle”

Importing your web store into WooCommerce

Reading Time: < 1 minuteDo you run a web store on Shopify (or BigCommerce) and wish you had more control over things? Maybe you wish you had more Payment options on your shop, more Staff accounts, or a more straight forward shop building experience. No matter what the cause, moving to a WooCommerce based shop can give you more control and flexibility over your store. Migrating your store can be a huge headache though, so how do you get that job done?

How can I migrate an existing e-commerce store from Shopify or BigCommerce over to WooCommerce?

Moving platforms can be a frustrating and scary experience. After all, if your web store is down you’re probably not making any money. So getting it done right the first time is just a little important. Thankfully if you are moving from Shopify or BigCommerce that process can be simple. Both Shopify and BigCommerce have export options that allow you to export products, orders, and customers to CSV files. You can then use these CSV files to rebuild your store in WooCommerce. Export files from Shopify, or BigCommerce, can be imported into your WooCommerce store using the WP All Import plugin.

Show Featured Products for Empty Search Results in WooCommerce

Reading Time: < 1 minuteIt can happen. And it’s embarrassing. A visitor searches your site for a product and whatever their search terms are, no products are found. Instead of a missed opportunity to convert that visitor into a paying customer, consider showing them some products that might be of interest to them. Continue reading “Show Featured Products for Empty Search Results in WooCommerce”

Automatically Apply Coupons in Cart on WooCommerce

Reading Time: < 1 minuteProviding great deals is a wonderful way to entice first time and returning customers. Imagine if you’ve created a coupon for a product on your store that you want everyone to use. Sure you can add a site banner to inform the customers of the coupon, what if they forget to enter the code, though? There may be another way, what if you can have the coupon automatically apply at Checkout if conditions are met. Continue reading “Automatically Apply Coupons in Cart on WooCommerce”

Disable the In Stock message on WooCommerce Products

Reading Time: < 1 minuteLets say you have an eCommerce business selling customized coffee mugs. Each mug you sell gets a custom message printed on it and you just fill the orders as they come in. You know each mug gets customized before shipping out, so you don’t really need to track the inventory. If you happen to run out of your local stock of blank mugs then you’ll just buy a new box, no big deal. In a case like this you may track inventory, but don’t actually need WooCommerce to report this. So how can you hide the ‘In Stock’ message on your product pages? Continue reading “Disable the In Stock message on WooCommerce Products”