High Availability Database Hosting

Modern websites and applications are only as reliable as the databases that power them. That’s what makes a dedicated database server a key component of any high-performance hosting infrastructure. High Availability (HA) Database takes that a step further to protect your mission-critical databases — and insulate your business — from costly downtime by ensuring that your databases are always available.

An HA Database solution provides instant data replication between two redundant nodes — an active database server and a hot spare — using proven, enterprise-grade tools to monitor and automatically fail over in the event of a fault or failure. That redundancy also makes it possible to perform routine software upgrades, security patches, and hardware upgrades with minimal interruption.

How It Works

High Availability Database

  • Provides your MySQL database with a highly reliable back end that's fully redundant and optimized for performance — with no configuration or maintenance required on your part.
  • DRBD®: Distributed Replicated Block Device allows for synchronous data replication. Whenever data is written to disk, the changed blocks are immediately replicated to the other node.
  • Heartbeat: Heartbeat provides cluster infrastructure services such as resource monitoring and messaging to facilitate automatic failover and keep your business online.

Business Cases

  • Application server / SaaS
  • Big Data, Analytics, and Informatics
  • Government, Scientific, Healthcare
  • Mission-critical sites
HA Database

Business Class Config

  • eCommerce Sites
  • SaaS and Application Hosting

24 Port Gigabit Switch

DS.1650v4.ST x2
2 x 250GB SSD Drives Software RAID 1
4 x 250GB SSD Drives Hardware RAID 10
Standard Chassis

500GB Guardian Backup Quota

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From $1,498/mo

(+$400 One Time Setup Fee)

Enterprise Class Config

  • Large eCommerce with large catalogs
  • Large-scale Applications and SaaS providers

24 Port Gigabit Switch

DS.2650v4.ST x2
2 x 480GB Enterprise SSD Drives Software RAID 1
4 x 480GB Enterprise SSD Drives Hardware RAID 10
Dual PSU 8 Bay Hotswap Chassis

1 TB Guardian Backup Quota

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From $2,608/mo

(+$400 One Time Setup Fee)

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