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“A godsend” | Liquid Web Managed Woocommerce Hosting Increases Site Speed, Sales for MoonEssential Minerals

How Liquid Web’s Managed WooCommerce Hosting platform increased site speed, optimized user experience, and jumpstarted more sales for MoonEssential Minerals

Managed WooCommerce Hosting has been a godsend. It has been able to increase my speed and optimize my user experience. It has been a win-win so far.

Freda Mooncotch, Founder

MoonEssential Minerals
Due to declining health from using store-bought skin care and cleaning products that contain harmful and toxic chemicals, Freda Mooncotch, founder of MoonEssential Minerals, started exploring making her own products in her kitchen in 2017. The products ranged from skin care and hair care all the way to cleaning supplies. With a nudge from family and friends who had begun using (and loving) her products, MoonEssential Minerals was born.

For the first few months, Freda did not have an eCommerce store or a website for her new business, but she was hosting with Liquid Web for her personal training business. After working with a designer to get a site concept online, Liquid Web’s Managed WooCommerce Hosting solution became an optimal choice for hosting her new venture. The solution included Astra, one of the fastest themes for WordPress. Her website vision came to life with a beautiful, engaging, and fast site with Liquid Web’s help.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting quickly became a godsend. Within the first two months, it increased her site’s speed and optimized the user experience. All of the things that Liquid Web promised were quickly delivered. The Jilt automated emails started recovering abandoned cart sales and even reached customers on a recurring weekly basis. In October, the sales increased as well as the number of transactions. The best part? As her store continued to grow, she did not have to worry about the platform crashing; Managed WooCommerce Hosting scaled and grew her store with her increased sales.

The reason that Freda has stayed with Liquid Web is the fantastic support she has received along the way. She found that the Helpful Humans at Liquid Web were incredibly easy to get in touch with, they respond quickly, and the problems get solved. She has loved the ticketing system and that the techs have been willing to hold her hand every step of the way during issues. She is confident in their expertise and ability to handle all of the hosting specifics so she doesn't have it. She can focus her time on more important things, like driving new sales.

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MoonEssential Minerals was founded in Freda’s kitchen in Chicago of 2017. The store focuses on holistic nutrition skin care and hair care products, along with beauty accessories and supplements.