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Recently, T.C. Doyle, the Senior Content Director of Channel Brands at Penton Technology, interviewed our CEO, Jim Geiger, and CTO, Joe Oesterling, about how and why Liquid Web stands out in the web hosting industry. They discussed Liquid Web’s number one priority: to help web-dependent professionals, like yourself, find reliable web hosting with a friendly and highly-trained staff.

Since your business depends on the web, we know that choosing your web host is an important decision. After all, if your site or application goes down, your business is in trouble.

The Doyle Report Is Liquid Web the Most Distinct Company In Hosting IaaS content from Talkin Cloud

The article summarizes a few of the ways we try to make your web hosting experience exceptional:

  • Providing You Secure & High Performance Infrastructure That We Control

    We want to make sure we’re providing you with the most secure and highest performing infrastructure. That’s why, of our five locations across the U.S. and the Netherlands, we privately own three of them – our Michigan data centers. Owning our own infrastructure allows us to invest in and control our products and the buildings that support them, including our Dedicated Server packages. We control our infrastructure, so we can ensure your web hosting environment is fully secure and highly performant.

    Want proof? Check out our recently refreshed line up of dedicated servers – tuned for faster processing.

  • Tailoring Products & Services to Your Needs

    You have specific needs for web hosting and we’re committed to developing products and services to match those needs, starting with our Managed WordPress product! To further this goal, we’re also investing in ways to expand our product line to provide you with even more options.

    Want proof? We hired Chris Lema as our new VP of Products and Innovations to help us further expand our product line and enhance our WordPress offerings.

  • Improving Your Every Experience with Heroic Customer Support

    Every call, chat, or email you have with us should make you happy you reached out and confident that we will solve your issue. This has been our goal since we had our very first web hosting customer. That’s why providing excellent, even heroic, support is the primary focus that’s driven our company over the last two decades. Every decision we make is motivated by the need to constantly improve your experience.

    Want proof? We recently certified over 150 technicians through Red Hat’s training program.

You’re the most important part of our business, and we love the success we’re seeing as we continue on our mission to be the best web hosting partner for you. Our most recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 71 tells us that you love what we’re doing too! We hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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