Top-Level Domains 101: What They Are & Why You Should Care

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When the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved the creation of new generic top-level domains (TLDs), there was plenty of buzz surrounding the news. It opened up a whole new world of domain name personalization for brands and organizations, allowing them to claim new TLDs such as “.sports,” “.music,” or more recently “.ninja.” Your domain is the most identifiable and irreplaceable part of your web presence. With the possibility of over a thousand new TLDs on the market, it might benefit you to take a closer look at the potential new opportunities in domain registration with Liquid Web.

There are a few types of TLDs, including specific country codes and the generic TLDs with which we’re all familiar. Generic TLDs have until recently been limited to a few select options, including “.com,” “.net,” “.gov,” and “.org.” ICANN’s announcement opens the doors to thousands more generic TLDs that range from “.sports” all the way to business-specific options like “.liquidweb.” New TLDs are limited by the big price tag and the extensive guidebook needed for application. However, once a new TLD is approved and up for sale, those willing to pay the yearly fee can utilize the TLD for their company’s domain.

If you’re uncertain about how additional generic TLDs might benefit your business, we’d be happy to help you determine what options are available and how you might utilize them. While the new generic TLDs tend to be more expensive than the traditional “.com,” the potential benefits for brand strengthening and market capture can outweigh the cost.

  • Brand Strength – Owning your brand’s URL on multiple TLDs across the Internet can strengthen your brand and increase name recognition in multiple markets. In addition, you can prevent competitors from purchasing your business’ URL in combination with a new generic TLD.
  • Controlling Your Vertical – If your business markets products or services in one particular vertical, for example sporting goods or music, you can capture more of that market by purchasing your domain name with the “.sports” or “.music” TLD.

While there are a number of benefits to utilizing the many new generic TLDs, they are still relatively new in the market. We’ve yet to see how fast and how widely many of the new TLDs will catch on. If you’ve determined that your business will benefit from purchasing a domain with a new generic TLD, our Heroic Support® team is standing by 24/7/365 and can help you check the availability, quote out, and register your desired domain.

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