Testimonial: How Heroic Support Mitigated a Debilitating DDoS Attack

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In our previous blog post discussing DDoS attacks, we enumerated the shocking rise in attacks over the last year. Not only can DDoS attacks be devastating to your business, but the attacks also tend to come out of nowhere. One customer of ours, a reseller web host who has chosen to remain anonymous, recently experienced a surprise DDoS attack on one of their hosted sites. Luckily, the customer was able to implement Liquid Web’s DDoS Mitigation System and make the attacked website live again.

“We were feeling desperate,” the owners of the web host explained. “We could not find anything to block the attack ourselves. We tried a number of different methods, but the Liquid Web solution was quick and easy. The DDoS attack is now being mitigated, and protection is there if we need it for future attacks.”

The attack experienced by this customer was a long one, lasting multiple weeks. The main victim of the attack, one of the web host’s customers, experienced downtime and was being hit by at least 50,000 different IP addresses. The attack, of course, affected the entire server causing increased loads and latency for the other sites on that server. At first, our customer suspended the site and experimented with other methods of mitigating the attack such as ModSecurity and changing IP addresses, however they saw no real results until they enabled Liquid Web’s DDoS protection.

Before enabling our mitigation system, the web host had to explain to their angry customer why their site was down -a task they found to be very difficult. Seemingly unmotivated, this DDoS attack left the web host’s customer without any idea as to why it was happening and with no one to blame. Once our customer chose to install our DDoS Mitigation System, we were able to quickly alleviate the attack and protect them and their customer from future attacks.

Attacks like this are exactly why we put forth a million-dollar investment to improve our DDoS Protection in 2012. Our unique system differs from other, often more expensive, options because it requires neither a 3rd party service nor expensive in-line hardware. In fact, the customer who underwent this attack explained that, while our service was not inexpensive, it was still the least expensive option for them on a per-domain basis.

Our system works by creating a network of IP addresses to be monitored by our Analytics and Threat Detection System. All network traffic will go through a statistical analysis and any attack traffic is routed to our Threat Mitigation System to be scrubbed at the border layer. Any legitimate traffic is passed along to the server and, as the attack subsides, all traffic is routed back to normal. Throughout the attack, we also work with the customer to tweak and configure the system, mitigating any additional service interruptions, until it is fully effective.

We were pleased that we were able to help this customer mitigate their unfortunate DDoS attack. While nobody wants to experience a DDoS attack, the only way to protect yourself is through preparation. Our customer had never experienced any issues with DDoS attacks prior to their recent attack. More often than not, such attacks have little to do with the web host and are focused on individual customer sites. These attacks can be extremely debilitating to unprepared victims. With our DDoS Protection in place, our customer rests a bit easier, knowing that their customers are protected.

This is just one example of the many success stories we have been fortunate to be a part of since investing heavily in DDoS protection for our customers. If you’ve experienced a DDoS attack and were able to mitigate it with our system, share your story below.

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