Women in Technology

Women in Technology: Misty Combs

Liquid Web’s HR Director on engines, connection, and the source of her work ethic. Misty Combs has a passion for people, animals, and engines. “I like the adrenaline rush of riding motorcycles and snowmobiles. I love driving drag cars, autocross cars, and off-road trucks,” she says. “I never want to miss an opportunity for an […]

Women in Technology: Rachel Martin

Liquid Web’s Vice President of Marketing for Nexcess on her career journey, self-reliance, and carving your own path. A born and bred Brooklynite, Rachel Martin loves a challenge. As a teenager, she spent a lot of time in Greenwich Village, watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday nights, and followed fashion trends. “Growing up […]

Women In Technology: Mayra Peña

Liquid Web’s Communications Manager on staying curious, what motivates her, and how continuous learning keeps her invigorated. Mayra Peña loves understanding how things work, how things connect, and the role that technology plays in those connections. “It’s one of the reasons I love working for a web hosting company,” she says. “It offers me great […]