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Stop Putting It Off: Upgrade to a Managed Dedicated Server

Many dedicated server customers have hired or could hire someone with the technical skills to perform basic server management tasks. But should they? System administration may be part of your IT department’s skillset, but is that the best use of your organization’s resources? Managed hosting is a service package included with a server lease, in […]

Understanding How Solid State Drives Work

A Little Background… All computers need a method to store, retrieve, and share digital information. This is usually accomplished via a hard drive. Hard drives store your data magnetically using one or more rapidly rotating disks or platters coated with magnetic material. The earliest hard drives were extremely large and very expensive. Currently, there are […]

Liquid Web vs. HostGator

Considering HostGator for Your Web Hosting? HostGator is one of the most recognized names in web hosting, but overall impressions are far from universal. Web novices shopping solely on price may welcome the opportunity to lock in their savings through contract terms as long as three years. Likewise, experienced site owners with minimal support needs […]

Liquid Web vs. Rackspace

Considering a Dedicated Server from Rackspace? Finding the perfect server for your web hosting needs can be an especially daunting task, and it’s certainly tempting to settle for whichever off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all package your sales agent recommends. There is, however, a smarter choice: Find a host that honestly cares about your business. One that will listen […]

Liquid Web vs. Amazon Web Services

Considering an Amazon Web Services Cloud Server? Amazon Web Services’ pay-per-minute and pay-per-region pricing structure for each server, service, and resource used has helped dozens of billion-dollar, multinational corporations serve bandwidth-intensive content to a constantly fluctuating user base. Companies such as Netflix, Spotify, and (until recently) Dropbox may be well-served by that model, but it […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Web Hosting Provider

It’s a Monday like any other Monday – at least that’s how it starts. But at 11 AM, just as you’re finishing your third cup of coffee, your office phone lights up like a Saturday night in Vegas. Your inbox spits out new emails so quickly that you can’t read the subject line of one […]