a/b testing

Guide to A/B Testing Tools for Beginners

Which version of these introductory sentences do you prefer? (A): “Online store owners must conduct tests of their marketing elements with scientific precision.” (B): “Online store owners are really just mad alchemists—standing in the lab of their websites, trying to find the magical elixir for converting website visitors into customers.” Version A is a little […]

Streamlining your WooCommerce Checkout Process to Increase Sales

The name of the game with eCommerce is making sales. Anything that gets in the way of a customer making a purchase is costing you money. Even collecting their email before they’ve made their purchase can cut your sales. Today we’re going to start by looking at ways you can streamline your checkout process so […]

Getting Started with A/B Testing Your WooCommerce Store

Today we’re going to look at what A/B testing is. I’ll help you identify your metric to watch for your store. And I’ll introduce you to a number of tools that you can use for A/B testing on your WooCommerce site. The truth is that if you’re not testing the changes to your store, then you […]