Secure Your Website: SSL Certificates with Phishing Protection

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The recent rash of phishing attacks in the news may be a cause for concern for website owners, especially considering the wide assortment of web applications the attacks are affecting. Even an organization with the clout of the Associated Press (AP) is not free from such attacks. It doesn’t matter how large or small the attacks are, something as simple as the AP’s hacked Twitter account can have enormous effects on your business – and, in this case, the economy. What can be done to help protect your website from being compromised by seemingly abounding phishing scams? One answer is Liquid Web’s™ variety of SSL Certificates.

Liquid Web’s™ SSL Certificates offer additional phishing protection through a partnership with Netcraft. In order to prevent your website from unsuspectingly providing facilities for phishing, Netcraft offers timely, professionally validated alerts if a phishing attack is deployed on your website. Netcraft also produces a continually updated phishing feed, which has blocked over 5 million phishing attacks since inception and is used by all of the main web browsers, ensuring websites are notified as soon as a phish is detected. In the case of an attack, Liquid Web’s security team will immediately notify the web application owner of the situation.

Netcraft’s phishing detection is a valuable feature, available through very few services, and is currently accessible to our customers along with every SSL Certificate we offer. There are a variety of certificates to consider depending on the level of security you need and the type of website you own. All of our certificates originate from GlobalSign, one of the most respected names in the industry. With our GlobalSign certificates, your secure site loads many times faster, regardless of where your customers are in the world. In addition, you can install your certificate across as many servers as needed for no extra charge.

Phishing attacks are often unpredictable and tragic for your business. However, our SSL Certificates, complete with phishing detection, offer an affordable option for encrypting traffic and provide a clickable secure site seal to certify the validity of your site. Our Heroic Engineers are available 24/7/365 to quickly and easily set up an SSL Certificate that fits your application like a glove, quieting your worries over a fresh phishing attack.

For more information about our many SSL Certificates and how they can protect your web application, Live Chat or call our support team at 1-800-580-4985.

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