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Where are you saving your business’ important documents? A Storage Area Network, or SAN, centralizes your storage and provides you with unfettered access to your data, all without slowing down your web server. Allowing for easy growth and extra security, a SAN is the smart way to store your data. In this edition of “60 Seconds with Liquid Web”, J. Mays explains how this technology can simplify and streamline your storage habits.

Video Transcription:

A Storage Area Network, or SAN, is a robust dedicated network specifically for data storage.

For example, let’s say you have a popular photography studio for… say… dogs;

As you take more photos you save them across many hard drives, or maybe many web servers, but those are all quickly running out of physical space for additional drives.

The question is, where do you store that growing number of photos? That’s where a storage area network comes in.

With a SAN you can collect all of your photos together and place them in a centralized pool of redundant storage nodes. Those storage nodes are physically separate from your web server. Then, not only would you be able to access your photos from one web server, but multiple web servers as well!

As the popularity of your “photography studio for dogs” grows, scaling up storage space is easy and immediate!

Centralized Storage
Easy Scalability
Much Doge… er… dogs.

For more information visit our SAN page at My name is J., thanks for watching, and that’s SAN in 60 seconds.
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