How to Prepare Your Site for Holiday Shopping

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In previous years, shopping for the holidays or gifts meant a weekend at the mall. In our growing age of the Internet, digital shopping is more of a reality than ever. People are avoiding the hassle of in-store shopping and are often pressed for time trying to find a medium for Holiday shopping that fits their schedule. Hopefully everyone has begun prepping their site to draw in a online shopping audience, but if you haven’t, then no worries! We’re here to help you step your game up, and have a better Holiday season than ever.

Study Your Data from Previous Years

In the past couple of years, how has your eCommerce site done during the holiday season? Check and analyze data of not only how sales and revenue fluctuated, but also how were customers responding to your content and design? If your team created new content targeted towards the holiday season (which they should have) then now is the time to launch it! Activate this new content, and do some A/B testing within the next couple of days. See what headlines, call-to-action text and colors, and general content are working as a result of your testing, and chose what is best for the sales of your website!

Holiday Content and Themes

While online, people are looking for a great deal while they scroll through sites for their holiday shopping. Even if you don’t have some sort of amazing promotional, a holiday or Christmas themed website will trigger “Holiday Deal” in the customer’s mind. One of the more popular and successful ways to captivate the Holiday shopping audience is to create a “Christmas or Holiday Gift Page”. When shoppers are scanning from website-to-website, they are searching for a gift with a good deal, especially for last minute gifts. On your site, create a “Gifts under $50” page or “Gifts for Family”; something specific but relevant to what your audience is searching for.

Promotions and Deals for the Season

A newer trend that is becoming more of a Holiday necessity are last minute shoppers purchasing online gift cards. More and more people are quickly scanning online for a way to purchase online gift cards for an easy gift idea. Create and promote your online gift card all December, so that if they have to go back, maybe they will remember seeing a promotion of yours, making your site the go-to for that online gift card.

Communicate to Your Customer  

It’s the holiday season, and what better to inform your loyal customers of your new promotions and holiday specials than a Holiday card? Hopefully, you’ve created a list of customer emails from previous purchases or have a relationship with loyal customers so that you can reach out and spread some Holiday cheer in an email all while driving traffic to your site. And last but not least, MAKE YOUR SITE MOBILE FRIENDLY!

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