How Pairing Cloud Sites with CloudFlare Will Change Your Site

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If there are three things every website is concerned with it is the optimization of the content, how a site can defend itself from spam, and the best performance possible during a high traffic event. Our Cloud Sites specialists have researched and found that when paired with CloudFlare, your site can achieve a level of optimization, security, and decreases in overages like never before.

The Optimizer

CloudFlare serves as a caching system as it optimizes the content delivery of your web pages not only so that your audience receives information on your site on a faster load time, but also with a better performance. There is no need to be concerned about whether or not your content management system (CMS) will be compatible or not, CloudFlare interfaces with most platforms and works with static and dynamic content. Since CloudFlare caches your content, it will reduce your bandwidth consumption and compute cycle usage.

Powered for Security and Protection

To further protect your content CloudFlare acts as a traffic buffer, filtering malicious IPs, DDoS protection, and tracking traffic to your site, effectively putting an end to threats before they reach your site.

A High Traffic Event Specialty

Let’s say you are going to have a large rush of visitors to your site! Good news, right? Not if you are in a panic about the possibility of overages.  While Cloud Sites alone will be a help to your site, once paired with CloudFlare, your site’s traffic will be handled primarily on the CloudFlare network, limiting the direct hits to the Cloud Sites environment, and reducing the possibility of overages.

What’s even better? If you are experiencing a high traffic event and feel apprehensive about downtime, CloudFlare simply won’t allow it. It can create and store copies of your most important pages and serve them to visitors.  Even if your site goes down, your audience will still have access to your content.

Cloud Sites powers your site with incredible power, and is complimented on a higher level with the use of CloudFlare. For more information about how Cloud Sites can back your site, visit us at

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