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Some of you have already noticed that, with the unveiling of our Storm Platform, we have made our API available to Liquid Web users. Since then, we have witnessed customers, working within our cloud hosting interface and using the additional level of control to do everything from creating, cloning, and resizing servers, to modifying cloud attached firewall rules, restoring server backups, and creating private networks. Even with these developments, we are only scratching the surface what our users can achieve with this enhanced power and accessibility.

Meticulously developed, we built our API from the ground up with painstaking attention to detail and user control based on the intent to, ultimately, release it publicly. The result was an API that puts every tool you could conceivably need at your immediate disposal. Additionally, we have taken significant steps to aid those who may be wary of exploring the power of our platform and what is possible with this user-level freedom by providing documentation, developer resources, tools and tutorials, as well as actively adding valuable tips and hands-on exercises to our extensive Knowledge Base. It is also important to note that, with Liquid Web, if you reach an impasse or have any questions, literally, at any time, you also have access to our industry leading 24/7/365 always available Heroic Support®.

Released, at first, on a limited basis, the results from those using our API were overwhelmingly positive and laced with encouraging feedback. Now that we have made it available to all of our customers we are excited to see what you can create with our API.

If you have examples, usage cases or stories you would like to share, please get in touch with us via our support channels or directly to the author at the following email address:

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