New Regions Unveiled for Liquid Web Storm Servers!

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Experience High Performance & Enhanced Security With New Arizona Location

Liquid Web has officially expanded to feature two separate geographical regions from which customers can launch our high-performance, easily scalable Cloud Servers. We’re excited as we branch out with our new regions, US Central (headquartered in Michigan) and US West (headquartered in Arizona), which allow us to offer options that minimize latency and create true Geographic Redundancy.

Benefits of Regions

  • Locate Data Closer to End-User to reduce Latency
  • Back-up Data with “Hot Standby Site”
  • True Geographic Redundancy
  • Clone Easily Between Regions

Improved Performance

Cloud Dedicated and VPS Hosting Servers users will now be able to use the Liquid Web’s separate data centers to create Geographic Redundancy with a “hot standby site.” Similar to fail-over server clustering, a hot standby site allows your operation to move to a fully functional standby system should your primary system fail. Although both regions are located in Disaster Neutral areas of the United States, this type of redundancy is ideal for when unexpected situations arise that can’t be mitigated by simply employing local redundancy systems.

Geographic Redundancy

The unveiling of our new Western Region data center is a huge coup for Cloud Server users seeking high performance, scalable hosting with the option of Geographic Redundancy. Already linking with some of the most connected networks available, the new regions will allow Cloud Server users to experience a significant performance upgrade on top of our already impressive speed. Simply put, the shorter physical distance your data has to travel to from its location to your end users, the faster your enterprise runs.

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