March Madness Live Sees Increased Traffic in 2013

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Scalable hosting saves money and infrastructure

Last week began one of the most watched live television events in the nation – March Madness!  At Liquid Web™, we’re not only excited to watch the games, sweat over our brackets, and argue with co-workers about Michigan State’s chances of winning, but we also appreciate the infrastructure needed to withstand the mind-bogglingly huge amount of traffic that is now directed at the NCAA’s March Madness Live website.

The number of Americans tuning into March Madness has grown exponentially over the years as the NCAA has added more live streaming capabilities. For example, March Madness Live has seen an increase from five million visits in 2006 to over 220 million visits across online and mobile platforms in 2012. Not only has the NCAA made it easier to watch the games, but a growing percentage of employers are allowing the games to be watched during business hours and even turning the tournament into a morale-building opportunity. All this means more traffic on its way to the NCAA’s March Madness Live.

Undoubtedly, the NCAA has developed a highly scalable hosting environment to withstand the millions of visitors streaming live feeds of the games. At Liquid Web™, we make it easy to build a similar scalable cloud environment through the Storm Platform™. Designed to provide your business with more flexibility, the Storm Platform™ allows you to scale your infrastructure vertically (add more servers to the environment) or horizontally (adding more resources in the servers you have already have deployed). We already host many sites that are highly scalable so that an increase of visitors never means an increase in trouble. One such site is, a personal web experience that aggregates content from your favorite websites and services, into a consistent user interface.’s hosting environment includes multiple web servers, a data analysis server, and multiple database nodes, all of which are connected via private networking on our Storm Platform™. As they expand their business, they can easily scale up their hosting environment by increasing the number of web nodes and adding more data analysis servers. In addition, they have utilized our Storm Servers™ to build a sandbox environment used to test deployments. This allows them to scale up and down as needed during testing, saving them both money and infrastructure.

The Storm Platform™ provided with a highly scalable environment without having to spend a lot of money on capital expenditure, all while lowering their operating costs. Big or small, the Storm Platform™ is the perfect solution for businesses who host live events, expect great fluctuation in traffic, or simply need the flexibility to scale up and down on demand. All of the Storm Platform™ resources are available at the click of a button and ready to deploy! Not to mention, everything is backed by Liquid Web Support from the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting, proactive monitoring, and a highly redundant datacenter.  While we do monitor our data centers 24/7, don’t worry about us missing out on the tournament! We’ll still be rooting on our Spartans in the upcoming games. Go Green!

Wonder if the Storm Platform™ can help your business? Contact Liquid Web™ today! 1-800-580-4985 or Live Chat with one of our support technicians.

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