Liquid Web CEO Discusses Arizona Expansion, Future Growth and Company’s Michigan Roots

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In a recent interview with Bridge Magazine, Liquid Web Founder/CEO, Matthew Hill expounded upon the recent spat of news regarding the company’s continued growth. Liquid Web‘s Michigan roots, as well as its current expansion to Arizona and possible further growth globally, were amongst the topics discussed.

Hill states, “We plan currently to have Michigan remain our global headquarters and keep the bulk of our technical staff here,” with regard to the company’s Michigan roots. “We could have facilities in five more states; and as long as our call center and our core operations are here, almost all of the jobs will be here.”

When it comes to crediting the company’s success, Hill makes note to persevering factors beyond your control and maintaining the determined nature for which Liquid Web has come to be known. “Get started, and keep moving forward,” Hill says. “Persistence is more important than absolutely anything else.” Visit Bridge Magazine to check out the full Liquid Web article and interview with Founder/CEO Matthew Hill.

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