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Liquid Web Uptime ReportNo matter the reputation of your web host, there is always the unfortunate possibility of downtime. You might have noticed the plague of outages in the news in 2013. Even at Liquid Web, we’re aware that we can’t prevent against every outage. For example, our overall uptime for the 2013 was 99.995%, according to HyperSpin reports. Knowing that it’s impossible to prevent all downtime, we created the Heroic Promise to protect our customers when outages occur.

Our 99.995% uptime percentage for 2013 is a credit to our redundant power, cooling and networking systems, as well as our 24/7 monitoring and support teams. Because we monitor our network every minute with HyperSpin, we have the most accurate picture of our uptime. The .005% of downtime that we did experience was mostly due to an ice storm in December that took out a number of our fiber providers. While we were not completely offline, the weather did cause very brief outages. Instances like those are largely unavoidable, but we go the extra mile to protect our customers when they happen with our Heroic Promise.

Our Heroic Promise is a guarantee to our customers that all major routing devices within our network will be reachable from the global Internet 100% of the time and that the power to your rack will be online 100% of the time. If this guarantee is not met, we credit the affected customers 10x (1,000%) the down time amount – an assurance that extends well beyond the industry standard. In effect, we are guaranteeing that pieces of your slice of the Internet that Liquid Web can control will be working 100% of the time, or you’ll be compensated in an amount that greatly eclipses any actual downtime. We can afford to make such a guarantee due to the exemplary uptime record mentioned above — a product of the exhaustive considerations we take to ensure our customers’ service remains uninterrupted.

In addition to this, when our customers do have issues (outages or otherwise), we respond quickly. When customers call in, their phone call is answered by one of our Heroic Support Technicians within 59 seconds. Not to mention, all live chats are answered within 59 seconds, and all support tickets are responded to within 30 minutes. In 2013, the number of tickets we received increased by over 26,000, with 12% more calls and 31% more chat messages, but we maintained our response time guarantees throughout the year. With fast response times, we can ensure that our customers know that their problem is being attended to right away.

Choosing a web host depends on quite a few different factors, and their uptime guarantee is an important one. Don’t be fooled by superficial promises. Find out how you’ll be treated if an outage does happen. This small step can save you a tremendous amount of stress and confusion later on. If you’d like to learn more about Liquid Web’s Heroic Promise, or about any of our other services, feel free to LiveChat or call our team at 1-800-580-4985.

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