Keeping Our Cool

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The temperatures are finally heating up in Michigan, and Liquid Web’s Data Centers are fully prepared. While our Arizona Data Center serves as an oasis from the hot conditions year-round, the Michigan Data Centers are just starting to see a heat wave as summer approaches. As the temperatures continue to rise through the beginning of Summer, we can promise that your servers won’t suffer from the heat!

At Liquid Web, we know how critical environmental consistency is to your server’s health, which is why we employ N+1 redundant cooling systems to ensure our Data Center environment maintains a constant temperature and humidity level year round. Our cooling systems will keep your servers at the optimum temperature, no matter how high the thermostat reaches this summer.

Our environmental processing systems include Liebert Precision 22-ton up flow air conditioning units that contain independent compressors and cooling loops to further enhance fault tolerance and reliability. These units control temperature and humidity within the tight ranges recommended for IT equipment to avoid over-heating or static electricity issues. In addition, air filtration systems actively remove particles from circulation and cycle the entire data center air supply in a matter of minutes.

These complex machines were designed to run all day, every day, so we keep every cooling unit running at peak performance with regular maintenance. Each Liquid Web Data Center also has multiple emergency generators waiting on standby as a back up to our power systems, featuring over 24 hours of autonomous runtime before requiring refueling. These generators further ensure the safety of your servers in the summer heat in the event of a power outage.

At Liquid Web, we design, build and maintain an ideal server environment, all with our clients in mind. Protecting your server from the Michigan and Arizona summer heat is not a problem with our highly redundant systems. Our focus on redundancy allows our network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity. In addition, we own all of our own infrastructure which allows us to provide our clients fast, secure and reliable performance at all times. No matter how much you suffer from the heat, you can count on the Heroic team from Liquid Web to keep your data cool and safe.

Not only do we keep your servers cool, but we will have some pretty “cool servers” handing out our HOT chili at Friday’s Lansing BWL Chili Cook-Off! Stop by and say hello!

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