Heartbleed Retrospective By The Numbers

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Heartbleed Vulnerability
When news about the Heartbleed vulnerability broke a few weeks ago, the online community panicked. At Liquid Web, however, we quickly assessed the threat, updated our customers and began a comprehensive effort to patch affected servers. Through our actions customers are safe from Heartbleed now, but the online community is still feeling the effects of the scare. Our team has taken a close look at our response to the Heartbleed vulnerability and what we’ve learned is something we always knew: our customers love how fast, proactive and transparent we were in our communications and actions. Our 99.4% customer satisfaction rating for our Heartbleed response is proof of that.

Heartbleed, if you recall, is a vulnerability in OpenSSL, the encryption software used by most Linux systems. It caused so much uproar because of its severity; this vulnerability allowed potential attackers to access the memory of a server from a remote system, providing them with any sensitive data stored on that memory, such as passwords. In addition, the attack leaves no trace that information had been stolen, allowing attackers to access a system multiple times and potentially steal a variety of data.

Heartbleed Response Statistics at Liquid Web

  • Over 10,000 Servers Rebooted
  • Over 11,600 Customers Reached
  • 99.4% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Once we learned about the vulnerability at Liquid Web, our teams sprang into action. As one of the first web hosting companies to inform our customers of the vulnerability, we were able to proactively begin updating and rebooting servers immediately. Within a matter of hours our team of experts had shared an instructional Heartbleed Knowledge Base with the public that featured information on how to update and patch their server, reached out to over 11,600 affected customers and begun a process of updating and rebooting over 10,000 servers.

When communicating with customers, clarity and transparency were among our top priorities. We ensured that every affected customer knew what Heartbleed was, how they were affected and what we were doing to help. It’s apparent that our efforts were appreciated, given the 99.4% customer satisfaction rating we received through feedback on our HelpDesk tickets.

While everyone hopes that we’ll never see a vulnerability of this scale in the future, we’re glad our customers know they can rely on us to keep their information safe and secure. Our Heroic Support® team works tirelessly around the clock for our customers, standing at the ready for any issue day or night. We thank our customers for their patience and willingness to work with us as we succeeded in protecting their sensitive data.

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