Breaks down How Managed WordPress Solves Frustrations for WordPress Users

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Liquid Web solves WordPress Frustrations


One of the biggest differentiators of Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress product is our managed updates. The majority of WordPress users struggle with frustrations of instability caused by outdated installations. Our new fully Managed WordPress is platform developed to handle performance updates. We want our customers to focus solely on running their businesses.

Chris Lema, our VP of Products and Innovation, was recently interviewed by Sean Garrity from to discuss the common pains and frustrations experienced by WordPress users. The article breaks down the different pain points that are most commonly experienced when using WordPress. Some of the common frustrations experienced by WordPress users are broken plugins, security concerns, and slow load times. Chris Lema further breaks down how Liquid Web’s product addresses problems that are very well-known in the WordPress community and how our platform continues to innovate solutions. “If you ask the developers of the world how they go about checking things, they recommend customers use a staging environment to make a copy of their website and test each plugin on its own. Despite recommendations, no one’s really doing it. So that’s why it’s one of the core features we’ve rolled into our WordPress solution.” – Chris Lema, VP of Products and Innovation

Our goal at Liquid Web is to truly personify the Managed component of Managed WordPress. We want every one of our customers to feel that they have their own personal WordPress webmaster that handles their site performance, site security and performs intelligent updates. We take care of the maintenance while you focus on pixel-perfect projects. 

Read the full interview here! 


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