Essential Tips for a Successful E-commerce Website

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According to The Statistics Portal – Statista, B2C E-Commerce has become a billion dollar industry globally, with a forecast of reaching the trillions by 2016. As we quickly approach 2015, and the world spins with new internet trends, it is important to take appropriate steps ahead of your competition to improve your online business. By using the following tips and tools, you’ll be ready to captivate and execute improved conversion rates for your E-commerce website.


Visual Merchandising

A photo is worth a thousand words, especially when operating an online business. Allow your visuals to capture the viewer and use persuasive copywriting in support of the product photo. Once the user has viewed your product, chances are they’ll know whether or not they are going to make the move to purchase. Invest in clear high-res photos, and this will not only enchant the consumer, but also answer immediate questions about the product. Once you have chosen these high-res pictures, play and test different layouts to see which not only compliment the product the best, but also which elicit the more positive reaction from your audience.


Customer Product Reviews

Your buyer has found your product and their interest is officially spiked, however, they are feeling a little uneasy about investing their hard earned money in a product without proof of functionality. This is where building your product’s credibility is crucial. Most buyers typically will go on a search for other customers’ honest opinions on how your product operates. The best way to create confidence in potential buyers, and a more transparent way to promote your product is through customer reviews and testimonials. By adding customer reviews on your E-commerce website, not only are you assuring your consumer, but you are also creating the opportunity to improve the site’s search engine optimization (SEO) by generating unique content.


Quality Product Description

Speaking of unique content, in order to promote your page on a higher lever, you want to make sure that your pages are being recognized through SEO, and a great way to do this is by creating unique content in your product description. To start, know that a product page completely sans description is a recipe for search engines to not even recognize your page. Content is key. Once you begin writing your content, the more unique the better. Do not copy other site descriptions – this may get your page attention, but it will be in the form of a penalty in the search engine rankings. While on the topic of copying, it’s important that you also avoid duplicating content word-for-word from one page on your site to another. This will destroy how “unique” your website’s content is viewed.


Customize to Optimize

When filling in the content of your E-commerce website, do your research. Write content in correlation to what your consumer is typing into search engines. These search engines’ site rankings and your title work directly together to create the result for the audience based on how relevant your content is to the consumer’s search. Make sure your title has the product’s name and isn’t word-for-word the same as your competitors – this is how you stand out while remaining relevant to the eyes of the search engine. Be specific in your content, use the product’s unique name, and choose verbiage relevant to what your consumer is searching for.


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