Why Email Marketing Is Not Dead And How You Should Be Using It

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When looking at a timeline of marketing trends and tips, Email marketing almost seems as outdated as the phone book. While social media has blown up on a marketing scale in the present day, email marketing is anything but dead. With strong content implemented into an effective email strategy, email marketing proves to remain as effective as a modern marketing strategy.

We live in such a technology and Internet-driven world that what most customers are missing out on is a more direct and personal line of communication. The perfect way to communicate with your customers in a more intimate manner is through email. In comparison to the social media marketing world, email is the most direct line right towards your consumer, but also an incredibly underrated way to increase conversion rates.

Is Your Content Worth Your Reader’s Time?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – content it key. Blasting emails to your customers that lack valuable and unique content is exactly why some marketers see email as outdated, however, when your emails contain content worth the time of your customers or potential consumers, and then email marketing becomes powerful. Audiences want informative and captivating content. Write emails to inform your viewer, but also to encourage interaction. Provide your opinion on a topic in your email, and create a way for customers to comment or message back concerning the topic. Show interest in your audience’s perspective.

Does Your Content Call For Action?

As we all know, call to actions are crucial to your website’s conversion rate, and your email content is totally included in that rule. Write enticing and encouraging call to actions within your email content linking to the respective page. This call to action can be to your blog, a more informative page, customer testimonials, or even just a link suggesting the audience to “print this email”. Based on the specific action you want from your viewer, create your call to action, and see how the respond or participate on a deeper level. Particularly for acquiring new customers, this method is incredibly beneficial, as studies have concluded that email is 40 times more successful at attaining potential followings. Even for potential consumers, when captivating a new customer, introduce them to your business or product with promotional content. Provide an incentive to your audience for them reading and participating in your message.

Does Your Email Integrate Social?

Social content is running this world. The influence of social media marketing is undeniable. From pop culture to what the Pope tweets, the entire world is involved on social media, and has proven to be a part of its power. In your emails, prompt your viewers to tweet or Facebook what they think on industry-relevant topics. Provide a hashtag to create trending topics and conversations, and further direct communication with your consumers. If your viewer has questions, offer your Facebook page or twitter handle to reach out, and be sure to be receptive of this outreach. And on the other end of this process, do your research – what is your audience tweeting about? What articles relevant to your product are they posting about? Study these respective topics and your consumer views, then reach out via email. Address the trending perspective and offer an informative outlook in your email content. This creates a great opportunity to generate informative content that your viewer can easily relate to.

With the progression of technology and the ever-evolving door of marketing trends, it’s important to research and still utilize the ones that remain beneficial, just like Email Marketing.

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