Which Content Management Solution is Best for Your Business?

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Which Content Management Solution is Best for Your Business?
Content Management Systems are all the rage in modern web design. To date, more than 50% of sites are built on one. It is easy to see why – most are simple enough to be picked up even by people who are not development experts, and the vast plugin and theme libraries of the market leaders saves an incredible amount of design and development time.

While there are still a few holdouts who rage against the very idea of using a CMS, I like to think most people accept the fact that they are extremely valuable tools. The content management industry is aware of that too, of course – that is why there are so many different platforms currently on the market. Assuming you don’t want to go with WordPress by default, how do you choose between such a vast selection?

Honestly, just pick the one you like the best.

You read that right. The truth is that there is no ‘right’ choice when it comes to choosing a CMS. As the market has developed, the major platforms have largely fallen in line with one another in terms of functionality, usability, and power. Minor differences exist, of course – different learning curves, distinctive web development languages, different plugin architecture, and so on.

But it ultimately comes down to personal preference. The best advice I can give here is that you try out a few different platforms, and see how you like each one. Beyond that, there are a few questions you can ask yourself, too:

After going down that list and evaluating your choices, all that is left is to do a bit of research. Check out our other articles with questions about your business you might want to consider before choosing a CMS and an evaluation on four of the most popular CMS options. Once you have found one that ticks all your boxes, give it a try. If you like it, start building your website – and then talk to Liquid Web, and we will give you a place to host it.

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