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There is an abundance of technology in our lives to make it way too easy for everyone to connect, so much so that it can nearly become an oversaturation. There are several strategies that are easy, relatively inexpensive, and a more effective approach to interact with your customer base without driving them away.

Social Media Platform

Social media has become such an impressive forum for communication and influence that it’s now its own branch of marketing. It’s beautiful and terrible all at the same time. The platform is such a genius and accessible way for interaction with the customer base to be less formal, but also more personal. However, too often will customers feel overwhelmed by aggressive posting and an abundance of outreach, making this marketing technique less effective. Create a strategy to create informative content on a consistent, but scheduled basis, that through proven testing is more positively accepted by the customer base.

Blog About It

People want a relationship with the companies they employ or are working directly with, so provide a forum for that. With a blog outlet, you will be able to represent your company and products in the light that you see fit, while directly answering to your customer base with an inclusive comment section open for productive conversation. Maybe want something slightly more direct? Create a forum in which your customers can log into and express opinions, concerns, or questions that will be directly available for your customer service expertise with all the right answers! This community involvement will be great for Business – Customer relationships.

Email Direction

You will have particular customers who maybe don’t want to be forced to use their time on Facebook or your blog page to search for announcements and updates, so provide an E-blast. This is something to be careful of, because if you are emailing your entire portfolio of customers on a daily to weekly basis, your efforts will be lost on most and cause more harm than good. Create an effective schedule, possibly in the form of a newsletter, and email it out once a month. The temptation of this outlet is to humble-brag about what your business has done, but you cannot make it about you. Your newsletter is for the customer to see that they are valued and that you will do what it takes to be worth every cent they are spending to better their lives.

There are so many ways to maintain a positive relationship with your customer that is primarily based on open communication. Express your desire to serve, gain the trust of your audience, and maintain their needs and your worth.

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