Averting Disaster: 6 Advantages Cloud Hosting has Over On-Premise Servers

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Recently, Hurricane Florence caused hundreds of thousands to reexamine what is important in their lives, both personally and professionally. People in North and South Carolina, along with individuals in Virginia, are without power and flooding conditions statewide continue to worsen by the day. The impact of the storm is being felt by families and business, and even though the storm is dwindling down, the ramifications are just becoming apparent.

As recovery continues, we reflect on our role in helping our Liquid Web customers keep their businesses up and running during these disasters. There are about 1,000 Liquid Web customers that will be affected, and we plan to ensure they are taken care of. We are tagging all of our customer’s accounts that will be affected so that everyone that interacts with our customers is aware that the customer is in a “disaster zone.” We are also offering deferred payments for any of our customers impacted by the storm that require some extra time to pay.

When Devastation Strikes

When Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma hit Texas, Florida, Georgia, and the Caribbean last year, we found around 8% of our Liquid Web customers were located within the path of devastation the hurricanes left.  We ensured our customers’ websites remained online and active, regardless of power issues. We worked with several of our customers to expand their server capacity and others to use their Hyper-V replica feature where, with a couple of clicks, they could take their on-premise environment and replicate it off-site with us.

Within hours of Harvey’s impact, we designed and built a custom server expansion for The American Red Cross so that their volunteer and donation site could handle the massive volumes that followed.

In short, we are willing to go above and beyond for our customers.

We Are Committed To Our Customers

If you are considering off-premises services and planning for your business continuity (whether from natural disasters, fire, water leaks or robbery), we are committed to helping you succeed.

Powering the business potential of SMB customers and the creators who serve them is what we do. We believe that any business who has a server on-premise should consider Cloud Dedicated for hosting.

If the server that powers your online presence is sitting onsite under a desk, in a broom closet or adjacent to your electrical and phone equipment, you could be putting your business at risk.  

Step one in a business continuity plan can be to find a managed hosting provider who has Network and Power redundancy, high availability setups, backup plans and experienced Systems Administrators available 24x7x365.

6 Advantages to Hosting Off-Premise

Consider these 6 worthwhile advantages to hosting your server off-premise:

  1. Peace of mind. Everything from the design and security of our buildings, to the network, power, and cooling infrastructure is carefully planned with full redundancy in mind, providing our customers peace of mind that their servers are in a secure location. With Liquid Web you get access to a 30-minute hardware replacement guarantee which means that within 30 minutes of identifying the source of the hardware issue we will have it replaced.  And since we’re monitoring your servers 24/7/365 we’re able to detect server downtime within minutes and take corrective action immediately.
  2. Increased security. With the right provider, Cloud Dedicated Hosting brings you additional levels of threat intelligence and vulnerability management beyond what you can do on your own. Hosting providers are actively monitoring for known and previously unknown threats, and protecting your servers against vulnerabilities by providing prompt system patch deployments. Now, more than ever, you will appreciate knowing that you have Security teams staying ahead of the next threat.
  3. One of the best stability-cost ratio performance. You don’t have to purchase and maintain expensive hardware and as your Managed Hosting provider, someone like Liquid Web can take over server administration, monitoring and software updates.  That allows you to focus on growing your business rather than IT services.  
  4. Faster performance (per cost). Cloud servers give you more resources and a site that runs faster compared to what on-premises servers offer for the same price. You’ll never have to deal with outdated equipment, and you’ll never have to pay for new server hardware. It’s a seamless experience that always provides you with the fastest service.
  5. Downtime and data loss prevention.  At Liquid Web, we provide 100% network and power uptime guarantee.   If you have the right hosting provider, they guarantee hardware replacement within 30 minutes and an SLA that is backed with financial commitments.  
  6. Scalability. Upgrading a cloud server (CPU, Memory, disk space, etc.) is incredibly easy and costs less than upgrading an on-premises server.  With the right provider, you can essentially grow your hosting with the popularity of your service or application.  At Liquid Web, our customers can move from a Cloud Virtual Private Server to a Dedicated Server as their grow or can take advantage of our Platform as a Service Cloud Sites product offering unlimited redundancy and scale.  

Be Prepared for the Worst

Our daily news is filled with stories of fire, flooding, and hurricanes damaging physical locations. Additionally, horror stories of theft, sprinkler system snafus or an employee accidentally unplugging a server can be planned for or avoided.  If your business relies on your online presence and the data on your server, it’s too important to be stashed in a corner.   

Cloud Computing has been around for decades. The technology works and SMBs and Enterprise customers alike are embracing the technology. In fact, many of our personal photos and documents are stored in the Cloud.   

Moving your server off-premise and into the Cloud offers you better stability, protection, performance, and cost — and, if you choose correctly, it will be backed by a team of experienced professionals 24x7x365.  It’s can be step one to a smart business continuity plan.

Want to Know More About the Benefits Cloud Computing Can Bring Your Company?

If your business relies on the web, you can rely on Liquid Web.  Read about how our managed hosting packages can help you power your business potential and help protect you against disasters that can hit your location.  

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