Chris Farmer

Chris Farmer is the previous Product Manager for Cloud Sites. Chris started with Cloud Sites in 2009 as a Support Technician and worked his way through as a Linux Administrator, Shift Lead, Project Manager and to his current role as the Cloud Sites PM. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking, biking, kayak fishing and spending quality time with his wife, Cecilia, and his toddler son, Jackson.

WordPress Security: Removing a Username From Permalinks

WordPress security tip: Try a Google search for your WordPress admin username followed by your site name…it is very likely that you will find your username is defined in the permalink structure of your posts, and if so, I guarantee your username is indexed in Google’s search results. By default WordPress defines your author url […]

Optimizing WordPress in a Cloud Environment

As one of the most popular CMS platforms, WordPress can be configured for many uses. With the proper utilization of plugins and infrastructure, optimizing WordPress in a cloud environment can be easy. Below are a few tips to speed up your site and better your overall web score. Minifying CSS/Javascript Removing any extra characters within your style […]

Drupal and Joomla Installer

Sick of the hassle of downloading Drupal or Joomla? Then let me introduce you to the new time saving installer that provides a quick and easy solution to downloading your application using Cloud Sites. The step-by-step process will relieve you of the headache that seems to come standard with installing Drupal or Joomla, and gets […]