Chris Farmer

Chris Farmer is the previous Product Manager for Cloud Sites. Chris started with Cloud Sites in 2009 as a Support Technician and worked his way through as a Linux Administrator, Shift Lead, Project Manager and to his current role as the Cloud Sites PM. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking, biking, kayak fishing and spending quality time with his wife, Cecilia, and his toddler son, Jackson.

Inexpensive Marketing Research Tools You Should Be Using

You are running a company and pushing your products through your website. Creating awareness is crucial, but also it’s so important to stay above the trends and managing a site that is as optimized as possible. How can you make sure your are appropriately delivering to your viewers in an inexpensive manner? Online marketing research. […]

Cloud Sites Time To First Byte Improvements

As your web-hosting team, Cloud Sites is constantly investments in improving our infrastructure along with our ability to quickly serve websites, handle high traffic events, and improve scalability. Recently, Cloud Sites upgraded our load balancer farms, improving Time to First Byte (TTFB) performance. Time to First Byte is the time between when a site is […]

How Better Content Will Make Your Site Stand Out

We live in a time where information is not only incredibly accessible, but it is also very convoluted. As these online trends progress, it is becoming more difficult for companies to stand out beyond competitors. So what can you do in order to rise above the rest? You establish who you are, deliver on what’s […]

What is in a Name? The Importance of Your Domain

Domain names are the face of your website and are part of the make up of the Internet. In modern society, the domain for your website is now on your business card, registered to your social media accounts in marketing efforts, and serves as a general information spot on how people get to know your […]

10 Tips to Guide Your Password Security

At Cloud Sites, the stability of your websites is incredibly important to us. On our end, we are constantly researching on how we can perform better, as your team, and ensure that you have the best functioning website in the market. However, since we cannot control everything, it’s important that a few extra steps are […]

Drupal and Joomla Installer

Sick of the hassle of downloading Drupal or Joomla? Then let me introduce you to the new time saving installer that provides a quick and easy solution to downloading your application using Cloud Sites. The step-by-step process will relieve you of the headache that seems to come standard with installing Drupal or Joomla, and gets […]