Chris Farmer

Is a CMS Right for Your Website?

Depending on the type of business or website you are operating on, there are ways to build your website on a platform the most appropriate for you. Millions of websites are operating on a content management system (CMS) from WordPress to Drupal to Joomla. Want to know whether a CMS is necessarily right for? Let’s […]

Building Your Customer Relationship

There is an abundance of technology in our lives to make it way too easy for everyone to connect, so much so that it can nearly become an oversaturation. There are several strategies that are easy, relatively inexpensive, and a more effective approach to interact with your customer base without driving them away. Social Media […]

How to Prepare Your Site for Holiday Shopping

In previous years, shopping for the holidays or gifts meant a weekend at the mall. In our growing age of the Internet, digital shopping is more of a reality than ever. People are avoiding the hassle of in-store shopping and are often pressed for time trying to find a medium for Holiday shopping that fits […]

4 Steps To Prepare Your Site For Cyber Monday

Every year, once a year, shoppers worldwide take over the Internet. What can appear to be a dark cloud raging over websites everywhere should be a day of celebration. Traffic on your site is skyrocketing, and your company is getting more traction than ever. Instead of taking the risk of a traffic overload resulting into […]

Pathway To Conversion: The Landing Page

Here you are, using several different marketing tools in order to drive traffic to your website, but something is just not connecting and pulling in viewers to improve your conversion rates! What’s missing? The useful tool for creating leads – the landing page. While creating a goal to a significant number in conversions, the best […]

Quick Tips For Site Troubleshooting

Something to always keep in mind is that no matter your hosting provider, no website is immune to undesirable circumstances. As a Cloud Sites customer, your website is fortunate enough to be protected under the Cloud Sites’ 99.9% uptime guarantee, however, issues external to your host are very real. For instance, site issues can be […]

Essential Tips for a Successful E-commerce Website

According to The Statistics Portal – Statista, B2C E-Commerce has become a billion dollar industry globally, with a forecast of reaching the trillions by 2016. As we quickly approach 2015, and the world spins with new internet trends, it is important to take appropriate steps ahead of your competition to improve your online business. By […]