Amar Patel

Amar Patel is the Head of Global Sales & Solutions at Liquid Web, where he leads Liquid Web's sales teams and sales operations and is responsible for the coordination and execution of overall sales strategy. He brings more than 13 years of technology experience to Liquid Web. Previously, he worked as vice president of global sales at Rackspace, he led sales teams focused on AWS Managed Services for North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and he served as the chief revenue officer for TenFold.

Backing Up Your Data is the First Step to Disaster Proofing Your Business

Happy World Backup Day! On this day we’d like to take today to remind everyone why off-site backups are the best way to protect your mission-critical data. If something catastrophic occurs – whether it is a ransomware attack, a natural disaster, or simply a hardware failure – you do not want to lose anything essential. […]

Are You Making These Five Huge Cloud Backup Mistakes?

Data protection and disaster recovery are now more important than ever before. Enterprise data is growing at a faster rate than ever before, to the point that many traditional backup solutions cannot keep up. That is where the cloud comes in. With its immense flexibility, near-infinite capacity, and ease of connectivity, cloud storage makes for […]