AJ Morris

AJ Morris is the Product Innovation and Marketing Manager at iThemes. He’s been involved in the WordPress community for over a decade focusing on building, designing and launching WordPress websites and businesses.

Discovering Your Niche: How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Products

WordPress opens a lot of doors, one of which enters the diverse world of eCommerce. Maybe you’ve been considering starting a WooCommerce store of your own, but you’re not sure where to start. Have you considered making your eCommerce store a dropshipping business? Dropshipping makes eCommerce extremely accessible, and with Liquid Web’s Managed WooCommerce Hosting, […]

The Complete Dropshipping Glossary: All the Terms You Need to Know

With eCommerce, you can turn a humble website that’s dependent on advertising for profit, into a digital storefront and burgeoning business of its own. This glossary is a complete collection of terms, concepts, products, and services you should know to master dropshipping. What is Dropshipping? Traditional eCommerce typically sees retailers maintaining the inventories used to […]

Guide to A/B Testing Tools for Beginners

Which version of these introductory sentences do you prefer? (A): “Online store owners must conduct tests of their marketing elements with scientific precision.” (B): “Online store owners are really just mad alchemists—standing in the lab of their websites, trying to find the magical elixir for converting website visitors into customers.” Version A is a little […]

How Do I Find and Choose a Merchant Service Provider?

Credit cards have been around since the 1920s when oil companies and hotel chains began issuing them to their customers to buy at other brick-and-mortar outlets. Today, a big chunk of credit card transactions have moved online. Now, a single credit card transaction requires an intricate web of payment processors and encryption software to authorize […]

Building a WooCommerce Marketplace With a Multi-Vendor Plugin

The quick and easy way to start selling products on your WordPress website is to install the WooCommerce plugin. However, there’s another option for the single eCommerce store model—it’s the WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace. With a multi-vendor marketplace, you host a small or large group of suppliers on your site, skipping the hassle of ordering and […]

The Best Payment Gateways for Digital Downloads

If your transaction process isn’t seamless, you’re losing customers. It takes a very different strategy to sell golf clubs online than it does karaoke versions of pop songs. With golf clubs, the sale is pretty straightforward. Customers know what golf clubs do. With digital products like songs, software, ebooks, white papers, or digital art, you […]