Are You Ready For Some (Data Driven) FOOTBALL?!

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Heroes Playing Football
It’s that time of year again, changing colors, football, tailgates, and … databases. Over 33 million Americans will participate in any number of fantasy leagues across the country, and 90% of those leagues are football. All those people will be relying on player statistics, game performances, injury reports and other pieces of information to make informed decisions for their fantasy football team. Because of the complex nature of this data, databases are the perfect tool to run the intense world of fantasy football.

Fantasy football leagues rely on an amazing amount of data that emanates many different types of sources, including on-field sensors and video feeds, all of which has to be stored, sorted, organized, queried and analyzed in order to give fantasy football players an edge over their adversaries. As fantasy football increases in popularity, players demand more and better statistics, all delivered in real time. Some of the latest technologies, such as helmets equipped with sensors that can determine injuries, allow access to even more data and call for new ways to analyze and determine relationships and patterns in that data.

This is where database services come in. Applications such as Liquid Web’s Apache Hadoop, can help analyze the vast amounts of data collected in fantasy football. While there are other database tools available, Hadoop is capable of operating the most expansive datasets efficiently and offers superior analytics tools. Specifically, Hadoop excels in running applications on “server farms,” or systems of thousands of nodes analyzing thousands of terabytes of information. Such a capability is well suited to the world of fantasy football, where the extensive amount of data is derived from millions of sources – and accessed by millions across the country.

Liquid Web has many customers that host a variety of tools related to the fantasy football industry. Our services, and applications like Hadoop, make fantasy football much easier for participants, allowing them to log in and access the reams of data that previously cost commissioners painstaking hours of manual calculation. Liquid Web’s Heroic Support® team can even help you install and run Hadoop on your server – or whichever database solution is most suited to your application’s needs. In addition, we offer a distinct advantage for this type of project as we provide solutions for endeavors expected to exist only within a certain time frame or that might suddenly peak in traffic.

As football season begins and fans across the country become glued to their computer screens, digging for every piece of data they might need, it’s the databases and “big data” software humming along quietly on the back end of the systems that make these games possible. With an enticing spread of database options, Liquid Web is in prime position to be your number one pick to dominate game day and every day in-between.

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