Announcing Storm Private Cloud!

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Storm Private CloudWe’ve taken all the power and flexibility of our Storm Platform and put it directly in your hands with our latest product release: Storm Private Cloud. Storm Private Cloud allows you to create your own private cloud environment with the purchase of a private cloud server (or servers), within which you can create, move, resize, and destroy any number of virtual instances. With Storm Private Cloud, you have complete control over an entire cloud infrastructure.

The beauty of Storm Private Cloud is the sheer volume of usage possibilities. You might create a Private Cloud environment for your own business to contain database, email or development instances, or you might configure a network of virtual instances for clients as a reseller account. No matter your purpose, Storm Private Cloud has all the capabilities you might need without the security or compliance concerns seen on shared cloud platforms.

Benefits of Storm Private Cloud:

Configuring Storm Private Cloud

  • Completely customizable virtual instances (including RAM, disk size, number of cores, the ability to resize at will)
  • Move virtual instances between Private Cloud servers or into the Public Cloud
  • Reuse and reallocate resources with ease
  • Mix and match Windows and Linux child instances on the same parent server

Watch our Storm Private Cloud Demo to learn more (no audio).

Storm Private Cloud eliminates many of the concerns users have regarding the public cloud, allowing you to experience the flexibility of the cloud without sacrificing security or control over your environment. With Storm Private Cloud, it’s like you control your own private data center! Configure your own Private Cloud environment today and enjoy the unlimited possibilities.

If you’d like to learn more about Storm Private Cloud, call our Sales team at 1-800-580-4985.

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