4 Steps To Prepare Your Site For Cyber Monday

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Every year, once a year, shoppers worldwide take over the Internet. What can appear to be a dark cloud raging over websites everywhere should be a day of celebration. Traffic on your site is skyrocketing, and your company is getting more traction than ever. Instead of taking the risk of a traffic overload resulting into a crashed website, or even customers being turned away by lack of appropriate content, prepare your site for all possibilities.

Enticing Content

We are in the holiday season, it is happening. Your site should be festive with the reminders of seasonal opportunities that come with visiting your site or purchasing online; whether it be a coupon, discount, or Cyber Monday promotional, plaster that clearly and understandably on your site. Create content that is clear and to the point, alleviating any concerns. Potential customers will be enticed, thus creating more opportunity for your audience to explore through your eCommerce site. Now, you just need to turn that shopper into a customer.

E-Commerce Layout

As we all know, if your site is difficult to navigate through, viewers will drop like flies. These people are coming to your site  – on Cyber Monday – to shop. We are lucky to know that on this specific day, more likely than not, your audience is specifically looking to buy and not just browsing. Layout your site so that all questions are answered and so that whatever they are looking for is not a challenge to find.  Because of this shopping holiday, if you are not transparent about what you are selling or if you are not clear about your discounts and promotions, your audience will find it both somewhere else, and quickly. Use the organization of your site combined with appropriate content to better your online store conversion rates.

Mobilize Your Site

The thing about Cyber Monday, is that it is Monday. People are on-the-go constantly, at work, commuting, and maintaining the business of the beginning of the week, but nothing can get in the way of a shopper with a need. When your audience is on the go, so should be your website. There are so many tips for optimizing your website for mobile use, and I advise that you follow all of them. In the age of technology that we are all fully living in, your site should be mobilized to begin with, but especially with meeting the needs of all types of customers on a  heavy traffic day.

Communicate to Your Hosting Provider

High traffic events are a HUGE deal. You know what is also a huge deal? A website crashing. If you are operating an e-commerce website and due to a promotion, advertisement, or desire for your product – you should give a fair heads up to your hosting provider that you are expecting a significant traffic increase on Cyber Monday. It’s completely understandable, and is a great precaution to take to ensure that your site is completely ready. Cloud Sites takes recorded successful measures of precaution when preparing for a customer’s high traffic event, and sending a warning is just another step to ensure our guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Your team and friends at Cloud Sites know that Cyber Monday is a big “holiday” for many of you, and we are proud and pumped to assist on supporting you in a successful event. Trust your website to Cloud Sites so that you can celebrate the successful sales on your website worry-free.

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