2016 Is the Year of Managed WordPress Hosting.

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Managed WordPress Hosting Saves Digital Agencies Time
As the old cliche goes, time is money – and we know that your time is most profitably (and enjoyably) spent on new web projects. However, new projects inevitably become completed projects and maintenance projects. This ensures that your time will forever be split between building new websites for clients and maintaining already launched ones.

Website maintenance can be extraordinarily time consuming (particularly with WordPress, which statistics say you’re probably using), especially when you factor in regular software updates, daily backups, fixing client mistakes, enhancements for speed, and content updates. So how can you successfully maintain your former clients’ websites without taking up your already limited time? The answer: Managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting can be a godsend for designers, developers and digital agencies that find themselves spending too much time on site maintenance. While non-application-specific managed hosting offers support for your hosting environment, a WordPress host offers support for every aspect of your WordPress install. Passing on the management of all your clients’ WordPress sites to a reliable host solves a few of the most common problems, as we’ve described below, that WordPress developers encounter when managing WordPress sites post-launch.

Are your clients’ WordPress sites slow or do they crash with high traffic loads?

There are many reasons that a website might be sluggish or slow to load, but for WordPress sites you can eliminate many of those reasons with a well-optimized server. Managed WordPress Hosting comes with the benefit of a server that is already optimized specific to WordPress’s needs to achieve the best in performance and speed – saving you the time and frustration of doing it yourself. Some of the features of a highly optimized Managed WordPress Hosting server include:

  • Memcached is a distributed, high-performance, in-memory caching system that we use to provide incredibly fast server responses and reduce load times.
  • HipHop VM is a virtual machine designed as an execution engine for PHP, the backbone of WordPress. HHVM offers unmatchable PHP execution speeds.
  • mod_pagespeed is an Apache module that automatically applies web performance best practices to your Apache installation.
  • Content Delivery Networks (optional) speed up the delivery of your clients’ digital media content and decreases your clients’ page load times around the world.

Are you constantly worrying about WordPress security vulnerabilities for your many clients?

Because WordPress is the most popular CMS, it is well known as a common target for attackers. Not to mention, the usage of third-party plugins with WordPress brings inherent security risks – with third-party integration comes different coding standards and a risk of outdated software vulnerable to attacks. Monitoring each and every client site for vulnerabilities is time consuming and stressful. Managed WordPress Hosting can relieve you of that worry! Security features for Managed WordPress Hosting might include:

  • Automatic Core and Plugin Updates (one of the most important WordPress security measures)
  • Automatic Backups (complete snapshots of the entire file system volume at a specific point in time)
  • SSL Certificates (one per domain included and configured with your account)

Are you too busy to configure each client’s WordPress settings and fix issues immediately as they occur?

You’re well versed in how to build WordPress websites, implement settings to optimize the site, and fix any issues as they crop up – but do you have the time to do that for every client site you build? The beauty of Managed WordPress Hosting is that it frees up your time to do what you really want to do – build more sites. You can rely on team of experts to turn on automatic updates, fix issues when things don’t go smoothly (as we all know they’re wont to do), and help you identify any problem plugins.

You should also pay attention to guarantees made by any Managed WordPress Hosting support team. Uptime and response time guarantees allow you to rest assured knowing any issues will be handled quickly by experienced WordPress technicians. Managed WordPress Hosting gives developers exactly what you want – a server you don’t have to think about, so you can instead think about the next project.

Do you need an easier way to manage your WordPress workflow?

If you’re managing many client sites through WordPress, you can benefit from a few tools designed to improve your daily workflow. Managed WordPress Hosting provides those tools to improve your workflow and allow you to move on to your next project.

Such tools might include:

  • WP-CLI, a tool that lets you manage WordPress installations via the command line, rather than through a web browser. This handy tool that lets you execute most of your regular administrator actions, from plugins and posting new content to database management and uploading media, all from one convenient location.
  • Free Migrations make it easy and affordable to move your client sites to a Managed WordPress instance – allowing you to focus on the most important part of your business: new clients.

If any of the above scenarios sounds familiar to you, your life is more difficult than it needs to be. Designed to eliminate the hassle of managing client sites, Managed WordPress Hosting will free up your time to focus on the best part of your job: building new WordPress sites.

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